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SJC Long Island


When: Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019
Where: The Gym in the Danzi Athletic Center
Time: 7:00 p.m.

Investiture is a cherished academic tradition in St. Joseph’s College as it is considered a night of commitment and celebration. Clad in academic attire, the individual young men and women that have entered the college in the fall of 2019 are formally assembled as the Class of 2023 for the first time. As a unified body, the students will commit themselves to the values and spirit of St. Joseph’s College by taking the “Academic Integrity Pledge”.

During the ceremony, the administration, faculty, and staff affirm the Class of 2023 in pledging to educate and support the new freshman class by joining them in the recitation of the “Academic Integrity Pledge”. The Investiture is unique in that it is the first formal, academic event of the year for the Class of 2023. It also provides a venue through which the expectations and ideals fostered by the College are clearly manifested while investing the Class as formal members of the College community. Being invested also encourages new students to continue in the process of their transition from high school to college.

Investiture is impressive in that the members of the College community are robed in academic attire and enthusiastically participate in the ceremony as well as meet informally with students and their guests under the tent for refreshments after the ceremony has concluded.

It is our hope that all incoming freshmen for the fall of 2019 and their guests will gladly make this event a priority and enjoy an evening that recognizes the Class of 2023 as an integral part of the College community.